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REM goes to ECGC

Now that the conference has ended, we would like to extend special thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth to try our demo!

We were absolutely blown away by how positive, welcoming, and supportive the gaming community has been. Thanks to this opportunity, we were able to meet and network with so many wonderful people in the industry, including people who can help us make the game more intuitive and accessible across a wide audience of countries and platforms. Before the conference, we were only considering a Steam PC and Android mobile release, but after talking to people at the conference, and seeing the reactions, we are now looking into localization for multiple countries, and a port to xbox or playstation.

Seeing first-time users pick up and play our game has been so incredibly insightful. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to take your suggestions and make numerous bug fixes and usability improvements on the first night of the conference. By days two and three, we were receiving really positive feedback on the changes, and some of you stopped by a second time, which gave us a really unique opportunity to compare and contrast the changes.

Right before the conference, we were able to get a patreon page up and running. If you enjoyed the demo, there's a free copy of the build we showed off on the demo floor on our patreon:

After the conference, the team went out for sushi at Sono Sushi, and sat down to discuss the future of REM moving forward. Based on the observed reactions to the game, we now know what we can highlight in future development efforts to help REM deliver the best possible experience to our players. In that meeting, we came up with some remarkable and exciting ideas to flesh out the game. There are some seriously mind-blowing, spine-tingling changes in store so be sure to stay tuned to further updates!

Special thank you to all of you who stopped by to say hey to the ND Team! Sincerely, -James Carroll, CEO


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