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James Carroll


3D Technical Artist, UI/UX and Gameplay Programmer, Creative Director

Blender enthusiast with a passion for game design. Graduate of Wake Technical Community College. Loves to self-study and push the boundaries of his skillset in the field of game design. Has been making games as a hobby since the fourth grade.


Chris Dillon

2D/3D Artist, Character/Level Designer, Writer

A Self-taught digital and traditional artist with a specialization in 2D illustration. Creating game art has been his dream since he first started pretending to design games for Super Nintendo at the age of eight. Currently chasing his dreams of character and level design and picking up skills to further his education through N Dimensional Games.


Emory Jacobs

Sound/Level Designer, Composer, Social Media Writer

Has a B.A in Fine Arts from Methodist University. Currently Completing a degree in Simulation and Game Programming at Wake Technical Community College. Previously helped staff and eventually run a fan-hosted Pokemon MMO (PWO) for 10 years. When not making games, is either watching game documentaries or playing games.

N Dimensional Games L.L.C.

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