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February UPDATE 2019

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Another month has gone by, and many, many things have been accomplished in this month's REM development update!

Major Progress

-Some floors have doors that lead to deeper areas of the building; these are now in place. We call these Depth Floors -Depth floor transitions and movement axis adjustment added -Camera now tracks player properly in all situations -Vaulting, Sliding, Climbing Ladder animations have been added to the game

-Existing animations for Idle, Walk, and Run have been improved -Our first follower to be rescued is rigged and in-game -The Monster character is rigged and in-game -Custom shader created for the monster (this was a big hurdle that we now have a fast workaround for) -Vaulting over and sliding under objects now fully functional -Any and all types of doors in the game can be locked/unlocked using designated items

Other Progress -Original sprite artwork has been added to PFX alphas -Some alternate textures for things like whiteboards have been created -Interactable scripts have been consolidated into a master script -Fun models such as old computers have been added -Alternate light states have been added -Flickering lights are WIP

-Many horrifying sounds!

Monster Audio

What's Next? While a lot has gotten done in this sprint, we aren't quite where we consider an MVP to be. There are still some hurdles to be overcome in terms of design and assembly of additional level chunks, character AI, and sound injection. Our goal is to seek funding rounds once we reach a minimum viable product. We also plan on presenting a demo at ECGC this April! I'm very excited about the progress that has been made on the game in recent weeks. We are very close to reaching our MVP demo stage, and we are going to spend a lot of time polishing and bug fixing and designing in weeks to come.

Thank you for checking out our blog. Be sure to check back for more updates and feel free to sign up for the alpha!

-James Carroll, CEO


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