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April UPDATE 2019

Early fire monster concept art

With the coming and going of ECGC, a huge number of changes have been made on REM! These include critical bug fixes, usability changes, changes to button mapping, and book-ending our chapter with multiple ending scenarios. With each iteration, we grow closer to releasing a product which everyone can become immersed in intuitively. Here's a peek at what has changed in this past month:

Major Progress

-User feedback for interactable objects through button activation

-Improved monster AI for roaming/hunting

-Chapter ending demo finale chunk -Splash screen and title screen polish -Loading screen to the game -Improved audio manager / audio object -Sounds added to almost everything in the game -Explosions particle effects created & placed for collapsing floors -Added rolling smoke to floors -Improved pause menu functionality -Added nightmare countdown timer and vignette effect -AI now phases through obstacles -Added background music to splash and title screens -Created promotional video -Survivors now hide with player -Added audio mixer to balance/control volume globally

-Added an effect for extenguisher use

-Functionality for repeating / randomized sound variation -Letters for followers now unlock -Added end-chapter sequences -Created multiple ending scenarios -Overloaded and improved control scheme to be more inclusive to new players and people who are left-handed

Other Progress

-Added reflections to bathroom depth floor area

-Unlock flags for peek and hide abilities -Monster now spawns on all chunks -Added monster plot twist to finale chunk -Buttons for mobile inputs -Monster can now attack people you are trying to save -Extended functionality of our sound instantiating scripts -Updated Bob's animator to include additional animations required to mimick player -Added feedback for red doors not being able to be re-opened after clearing floors -Overrides for player dialogue, player can now press buttons to skip / speed up dialogue -Reduced bob run speed, changed follow distance -Bob can now transition between floors, open doors, and vault -Added code to prevent bob from freaking out when player goes into a depth floor -Monster now has a delayed floor-transfer effect where he phases before transition -More detail added to Anthony's office and final chunk -Added special case feedback for bob's death regardless of nightmare timing -Tweaked character animation transition times

-Added a narrator variant of dialogue interaction that is on a timer instead of click-through -Shortened dialogue interactions in several places -Fixed UI scaling issues -Updated credits screen -Hide ability now allows you to walk while hidden

Bug Fixes

-Players can nolonger get stuck on the roof -Main character can nolonger be moved during transition animations -Door before chapter ending door nolonger breaks in nightmare mode -Fixed nightmare materials not changing on hidden depth floors -Fixed AI stationary check -Fixed camera glitch effect transition order -Inventory is nolonger click-draggable -Fixed several dialogue contexts for out-of-order interaction

-Cleaned up several null reference exceptions

-Monster and follower can nolonger open locked doors for the player -End game scenario nolonger glitches on animation transition -Fixed bob running into floor when attempting to follow player -Fixed monster falling through the floor of the final depth door -Fixed a build compile issue -Fixed extenguisher killing bob -Countless tweaks & adjustments to audio depth & character interactions

What's next?

Seeing new players interact with the game for the first time was an absolute treasure trove of information, meaningful suggestions, and wonderful feedback. We are going through all of this to try and bring you the best product we can possibly deliver! Also, now that we have a demo to show, we have jump-started our marketing efforts and begun to look into more options for platforms to publish on. One thing is for sure, we have lots of exciting changes on the way, and we are going to do a much better job of keeping our growing audience updated in the near future! If you haven't already, please check out the free download of our demo floor build through our patreon page and be sure to tell your friends about this project if you are just as excited about it as we are! Thank you for following our progress. We are looking forward to publishing exciting new content in the coming weeks! Bye for now! -James Carroll, CEO


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